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Press Release


Lee County High Schools Seniors Invited to Apply to Summer Science Program

FORT MYERS, FL - Lee County students in next year’s senior class are invited to participate in Florida Gulf Coast University’s Summer Science Program, designed to recruit and educate top students in the field, during the month of June.

From 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Thursday, students will have the opportunity to receive collegiate-level instruction in science and be exposed to new cutting-edge technologies and laboratory techniques not accessible in high schools. Each week features a different scientific topic and instructor.

Associate professor of Environmental Health, Molecular and Clinical Sciences Jo Ann Wilson will work with students in lecture and laboratory investigations of fundamental properties of inheritance using Mendelian and molecular aspects of genetics with emphasis in application to man.

Students will study general principles of astronomy with emphasis on the structure and evolution of the solar system, the laws of planetary motion, and the physical aspects of the sun, planets and interplanetary debris with assistant professor of physics Michael Fauerbach. Included are outdoor observations of the moon and planets and in-class exercises involving celestial positions and time, the moon’s orbit, planetary motions and comparative planetology.

Associate professor of chemistry Joseph Kakareka will have students explore the fundamental laws of chemistry including states of matter, atomic and molecular structure, the periodic table, stoichiometry, theories of chemical bonding, acid-base reactions and the gas laws. The curriculum is inquiry-based and fully integrated with a laboratory that emphasizes active learning strategies.

The last week, students will participate in research projects that focus on local watersheds, and investigate primary production, community dynamics and impacts of invasive aquatic species. Students will learn techniques for monitoring abiotic gradients and for quantifying productivity and biological diversity in ecological systems.

The program is limited to 25 students and the fee is $300 for the full four-week program. Students may apply through their high school guidance department or at until Wednesday, April 30. The application process is competitive.

For more information, contact Aaron Martin at (239) 560-4479 after 4 p.m.

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