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Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

Office of Vice President and Chief of Staff
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Office of Vice President and
Chief of Staff
Florida Gulf Coast University
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Press Release


FGCU Florida Institute of Government Presents "Speak Up!" Workshop

WHO     FGCU Florida Institute of Government, for managers and employees from both the private and public sectors

WHAT     "Speak Up! How to say what's on your mind without losing friends or your job" half-day workshop from the Florida Institute of Government's Professional Development Series. Employees will learn how to gracefully communicate, speak to others and confront someone's behavior or attitude in a constructive, win-win manner. The workshop will teach how to open up the lines of communication and provide skills to do so productively. Ava Fluty is instructor for the course.

WHEN     1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 28

WHERE     Student Union 213

WHY     To learn how to:

     Tell a team member that they are not carrying their load

     Make suggestions and confront your boss constructively

     Tell someone something embarrassing (ex: they have spinach in their teeth)

     Discuss a person's annoying personal habit and if it can be changed

     Tell someone to stop talking without them being offended

     Give bad news without being "shot as the messenger"

COST     $48

CONTACT     Joanne Hartke at (239) 590-7815 or

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