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Press Release


FGCU Professor Contributes to Metric Conversion of Speed Limit Signs on Campus

FORT MYERS, FL - Florida Gulf Coast University has added the metric system to its speed limit signs on the campus in support of the Metric Conversion Act of 1975.

According to math professor in the College of Arts and Sciences Tony Planas, to his knowledge, "The University is the first academic institution in the State of Florida to include the U.S. metrication system to its road signs, and perhaps the first academic institution in the continental U.S. to use these dual Metric-Customary speed limit signs."

"The metric system is taught throughout public education beginning in elementary school, and we spend a lot of money teaching this as part of the mathematical curriculum. At FGCU and other public universities there is a math course available that includes a chapter teaching the metric system. Other courses that use metric system units as part of the curriculum include physics and chemistry," Planas said.

Planas provided the signs with the support of FGCU Campus Police.

The international student population increases every year, and FGCU has taken action to make sure everyone follows the speed limit.

Public relations director of the U.S. Metric Association Paul Trusten said, "We recognize that the U.S. is still a miles-per-hour country as far as speed limits are concerned. However, it is entirely appropriate for a university campus to emphasize the importance of the world's system of measurement by posting supplementary speed limit signs in clearly labeled metric units. Students, faculty, and visitors to your campus can 'follow along' with this metric lesson just by using their speedometers, most of which are dual-labeled in metric and non-metric units."

National Metric Week is Oct. 7 through Oct. 13.

For more information, media representatives should contact Planas at (239) 590-7267.

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