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Press Release


Participants in the FGCU Student Support Services Classic and STEM Programs Earn Degrees

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- This year, 60 seniors who participated in the Student Support Services (SSS) programs at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) received baccalaureate degrees. Student Support Services is a federally funded grant program that serves primarily first-generation, low-income students with educational support services.

In 2010, FGCU was awarded two, five-year SSS grants: the Classic Grant and the STEM Grant. The STEM grant serves participants majoring in science, technology, engineering, and math. These two programs support nearly 300 students.

The SSS programs presented participants with opportunities for graduate school and/or career opportunities in their major field of study. The SSS Career Roundtable Event during the spring semester paired SSS participants with professionals from local communities, providing networking opportunities for the students.

"Two SSS participants received job offers at an engineering firm in LaBelle as a result of their Career Roundtable contact with the owner of the company," said Daniel Compo, SSS Classic coordinator at FGCU. "The owner was so impressed with the students that they were offered positions upon graduation from the University."

Thirty-four students made plans to go to graduate school, 12 of which made plans to continue their graduate education at FGCU. One senior will attend medical school at Florida State University (FSU) this summer, and another will attend Ave Maria Law School in the future. "These SSS success stories represent part of the good news coming out of the SSS programs this year."

Many of the SSS participants took full advantage of the educational resources available in the SSS programs including tutoring, advising, computer lab usage, financial literacy education, use of various supplies, plus relevant workshops presented by the campus faculty and SSS staff. The resources provided by the SSS staff allowed participants to receive a holistic educational experience during their years in SSS, which helped guide them in their transition to life beyond FGCU.

For more information about the SSS programs, visit:

For additional information, contact Student Support Services at 239-590-7834.

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