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FGCU Writing Awards

FGCU Writing Awards

FGCU Campus

FGCU Writing Awards

Submissions are due by MARCH 2, 2018

The FGCU Writing Awards are open to All Undergraduate students! Awards will be offered for the following categories:

  • Business and Economics                                        
  • Creative Non-fiction
  • Education
  • Engineering 
  • Fiction
  • Health Professions and Social work
  • Humanities
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics
  • Poetry
  • Service Learning
  • Social Sciences
  • Sustainability
  • Visual & Performing Arts

VISIT to submit!

 *Students are invited to submit up to one writing entry per category

 *Winning submissions will be archived on the FGCU database, DigitalFGCU

 *Winners will be honored at the Writing Awards Celebration on April 13, 2018


We write for many reasons. We write for the pleasure of clarifying our thoughts and thinking through our ideas. We also write to share and convey. We text friends, we email family, and we publish discoveries that inform a community of scholars. And, yes, we also write to complete assignments. In every case, we create a permanency that lets others understand our insights and revelations, regardless of whether those expressions speak to the mundane or revolutionary.

The 2018 Writing Awards give you the opportunity to celebrate your prose. Participating is a great way to build your resume or C.V. Long-term success requires evidence, and winning a writing award will confirm your written communication skills. Winners will also have the opportunity to archive their work on DigitalFGCU so that anyone (in the WORLD) can access and read your words. Finally, winners will have the opportunity to publish their work in the Mangrove Review (FGCU’s journal for the creative arts) or Aquila (FGCU’s student research journal).



Contact Us!

(239) 590-7141 Awards

or find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @fgcuscholars


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Rules and Guidelines
  • All current FGCU undergraduates students are eligible.
  • Unless otherwise noted, submissions need not have been produced in an FGCU class.
  • Late submissions will not be considered.
  • All winners will be archived in DigitalFGCU after revisions if necessary.