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FGCU Writing Awards

FGCU Writing Awards

FGCU Campus

Congratulations to all of our winners for the 2017 FGCU Writing Awards!

Creative Non-Fiction
Winner: Caylee Weintraub
Runner Up: Larissa Bersh

Winner: Caitlin Hughes
Runner Up: Danielle Martinez

Winners: Michael A. Monaldi, Morghan K Alters, Chris M. Bowen, Rebecca K Halmich, Danyelle A. Russell, Briana R. Corlew, & Daniel G. Ryan
Runners Up: Steven Joy Volk, Rodolfo Trevino, & Merzier Petit-Frere

Winner: Larissa Bersh
Runner Up: D. L. Peguese

Winner: Iman Zekri
Runner Up: Jamie Kramer

Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Winners: Mirielle Jackueux, Ivana Lezcano, & Ian Millar
Winners: Talia Hammer & Sara Loubauer

Winner: Kelly Canaday
Runner Up: M. P.

Service Learning
Winner: Iman Zekri

Social Sciences
Winner: Iman Zekri

Most Improved Writer: Step Ahead
Callie Brannon


We write for many reasons. We write for the pleasure of clarifying our thoughts and thinking through our ideas. We also write to share and convey. We text friends, we email family, and we publish discoveries that inform a community of scholars. And, yes, we also write to complete assignments. In every case, we create a permanency that lets others understand our insights and revelations, regardless of whether those expressions speak to the mundane or revolutionary.

The 2017 Writing Awards give you the opportunity to celebrate your prose. Participating is a great way to build your resume or C.V. Long-term success requires evidence, and winning a writing award will confirm your written communication skills. Winners will also have the opportunity to archive their work on DigitalFGCU so that anyone (in the WORLD) can access and read your words. Finally, winners will have the opportunity to publish their work in the Mangrove Review (FGCU’s journal for the creative arts) or Aquila (FGCU’s student research journal).

[ open ]
Rules and Guidelines
  • All current FGCU undergraduates students are eligible.
  • Unless otherwise noted, submissions need not have been produced in an FGCU class.
  • Late submissions will not be considered.
  • All winners will be archived in DigitalFGCU after revisions if necessary.